White Breasted Nuthatch Cardinal

Win A Bird Feeder

As the temps heat up, submit your favorite bird story to prd@prdseed.com to win a $67.00 thermometer #birdfeeder with free shipping. Put bird story in headline, deadline is Aug. 20th. Winner will be posted on our #prdseed blog.      

Storing Bird Seed During The Hot Humid Months

Storing your bird seed during the hot humid months can be a challenge.  If you live in an environment where it is humid in the summer such as Florida or Texas, the bugs can accumulate quickly and contaminate your bird seed.  It is a known fact that heat attracts bugs. Below are some tips to
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Prdseed.com Launches New Bird Seed Website

The new Prdseed.com website is finally here! After several months of preparation and work with web designers we have accomplished our goal and excited to unveil the new site. Additional features include more-intuitive navigation bars and an updated shopping cart, as well as new payment options such as American Express, Discover and PayPal. Frequent customers
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