Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you
get the most out of our birdseed and related products!

Your birdseed purchase will be shipped within 48 hours of placing your order. If your order is submitted before 8:00 am CST, it will be shipped out the same day, an advantageous situation for those who prefer to place their orders before commencing their day or heading to work.
PRDSEED will notify you via email once your shipping label is generated, along with your tracking number. In case you do not receive the email, please ensure that your email address is up to date or check your spam folder.
Yes, it is possible to schedule a monthly shipping time as a returning customer. We advise our customers to monitor the birdseed quantity for future re-orders. In fact, we have an easy-to-setup auto-ship feature that repeat customers can use. However, please be aware that we require prior notification in case of any cancellations or address changes.
PRDSEED suggests choosing shelled sunflowers or either nyjer, as they are highly refined products. PRDSEED’s nyjer is sterilized before being imported into the United States. Thus any impurities are eliminated from the product. Additionally, shelled sunflowers, commonly known as sunflower hearts and chips or hulled sunflowers, lack the shell covering and therefore have a lower likelihood of sprouting.
No, we don’t store customer credit card information. In fact, we require customers to input their credit card details each time they purchase any of our products. However, we save customers’ shipping and billing addresses and email information. This eliminates the need for repetitive data entry and enhances the user experience.
Our orders usually take anywhere between 4-10 days to reach our customers’ doorsteps. However, you might experience delays during bad weather conditions.
If your shipment is damaged for any reason, we recommend initiating product replacement. You can do this by contacting PRDSEED by calling us at 218-839-0117. That said, having your tracking and order numbers on hand is advisable. Rest assured that a free-of-charge delivery of a new item will be arranged for you.


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User Testimonials

The orders we place with are taken by phone with the efficiency of Sarah taking care from start to finish. I appreciate ordering over the phone vs. a computer.

Ann H. – NY

I have been buying shelled peanuts from Sarah at PRDSEED for many years. She is excellent to do business with. Everything is handled first class, from the online ordering to the final delivery (she even puts the 40 lb. peanut sack inside another woven plastic sack that is nearly impossible to rip open) from FedEx. I am a Texas rancher, and we have set aside a wildlife sanctuary for all the native and migratory animals that visit. Since many of them just love Sarah’s peanuts, we couldn’t get along without her.

John C. – TX

I like that PRD sells peanuts in the shell in bulk, because peanuts draw in a lot of critters. You might say the Owner is “outstanding in her field” with quality products and service.

Rebecca B. – IL