Purchasing Wholesale Birdseed

Indulge your garden’s wild inhabitants with our unbeatable range of bird food, crafted from natural components that work wonderfully with all seed feeders, bird tables, and ground settings.

Our birdseed options are suitable for various bird species. Our products are meticulously assessed thrice over, guaranteeing top-notch quality while offering you the most competitive prices online.

We want to provide you with our current wholesale prices for sunflowers in both whole and shelled varieties based on standard minimum order weights. Please note that our prices do not include shipping and are intended for retail stores that require large quantities of birdseed.

Seed Type 520lb., 13 Bags 2000lb., 50 Bags 4000lb., 100 Bags 5000lb., 125 Bags 6000lb., 150 Bags 8000lb., 200 Bags
Sunflowers, black oil, whole $28.00/bag $27.50/bag $27.25/bag $27.00/bag Contact Us Contact Us
Sunflowers shelled, medium chips $72.77/bag $71.98/bag $68.88/bag $68.00/bag Contact Us Contact Us

Terms and Conditions

  • The prices indicated above are for [valid of June 6th 2023] for 40-pound bags and do not include the cost of taxes, shrink wrap, pallets, or shipping.
  • 50lb. bags available upon request-Please call for a detailed quote.
  • Other seed mixes available by bulk upon request.
  • If an order is canceled within 12 hours of being placed, a restocking fee equivalent to 15% of the total order amount will be imposed. 
  • Credit card processing fees incurred before cancellation will not be refunded.

Contact Us Today

Have any questions? Contact us today by emailing us at prd@prdseed.com to learn more about our birdseed products! We are open to answering all your questions seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day!

User Testimonials

The orders we place with Prdseed.com are taken by phone with the efficiency of Sarah taking care from start to finish. I appreciate ordering over the phone vs. a computer.

Ann H. – NY

I have been buying shelled peanuts from Sarah at PRDSEED for many years. She is excellent to do business with. Everything is handled first class, from the online ordering to the final delivery (she even puts the 40 lb. peanut sack inside another woven plastic sack that is nearly impossible to rip open) from FedEx. I am a Texas rancher, and we have set aside a wildlife sanctuary for all the native and migratory animals that visit. Since many of them just love Sarah’s peanuts, we couldn’t get along without her.

John C. – TX

I like that PRD sells peanuts in the shell in bulk, because peanuts draw in a lot of critters. You might say the Owner is “outstanding in her field” with quality products and service.

Rebecca B. – IL