The new website is finally here! After several months of preparation and work with web designers we have accomplished our goal and excited to unveil the new site.

Additional features include more-intuitive navigation bars and an updated shopping cart, as well as new payment options such as American Express, Discover and PayPal. Frequent customers can register their address and billing information to smooth the shopping process. You can also track your orders right on the website.

We’ve added a “Selecting the right seed” section to help bird-watching beginners, and the new site also includes a “Frequently asked questions” page. specializes in wild bird seed and feeders, and we continue to set ourselves apart by offering superior customer service. When you call us, you talk to a person, not a recording. The new is already offering its high-grade birdseed in additional sizes, and we would love to receive your feedback with regard to any other products that you would like to see — just don’t panic if the face on the contact photo has a few more gray hairs!

The previous, 13-year-old site worked just fine, but our new address boasts an improved look, an advanced interface and some beautiful bird photography by Tony Northrup. We know his lens will help to inspire the bird enthusiasts out there.

The IT company Faster Solutions, Duluth MN. , made it easy for to upgrade .  After interviewing several web-design companies, we’re confident that we chose the right one. Putting a website together takes patience and attention to detail. is pleased to do business with a local company, and hopefully we can grow together.

Contact us at and tell us what you think of the new website. We hope it was worth the wait!

Happy birding,

The bird seed lady, Sarah