White Breasted Nuthatch Cardinal

About Us

Prdseed™ formerly a Division of East Mountain Consultants of New Mexico founded in 2000 by Paula Diepolder, is now owned and operated by Sarah Diepolder.

The Diepolder family has over 60 yrs. of farm and bird seed experience residing in ND, where the majority of bird seed products are grown . We proudly support bird feeding and the American farmers’ efforts to supply the world with such feed. We work directly with the farmers to achieve exceptional quality  at low cost direct from the farmer to your door. Please contact us if you are not completely satisfied. We will refund your account 100% of the un-used portion of our products. You may contact Sarah at:

M: P.O. Box 938, Moose Lake, MN 55767
E: prd@prdseed.com
T: 218.839.0117

Thank you for doing business with Prdseed™.

Questions? Contact Us Anytime at 218.839.0117