If you like birding and wish to attract a backyard flock, the first step is to place a bird house in your garden. Not only because this will bring nature into your home but will also help building a secure and beloved sanctuary for your regular visitors. Providing food and fresh water for drinking and bathing you could turn your yard in a nestling nursery, a sweet and safe home in a natural environment.But how to choose the right bird house?

The abundance of types on the market won’t make your choice easier, it will even confuse you. You can start with considering the size of your garden. Depending on the space you have, you can take a large bird house for many birds or a small one. The small house is also better if you want to hang it on a tree.

Of course your wish will be to get a nice designed bird house but it has to be functional as well. It will not only have to fit the the existing exterior design of your house, but the material has to be sturdy enough and harmless for the birds.

Than you better think of the type of birds that will most probably visit your backyard or those that you want to attract. The bird house must be suitable for this type of birds. You may want to attract a specific bird type but this is only possible if the bird is available in your local area. If not  your efforts will be in vain, so this is another consideration when choosing the model of the birdhouse, its size, or when you buy for example some seeds to attract them more quickly. Only birds that inhabit your local area or such, for who your area is a part of their migration route, can find a dwelling in your garden.

And then, when you choose the bird house, the right place in your garden, when you fill the bird feeder with seeds, you can start awaiting your visitors. This is a really exciting moment for the whole family. Your children can also watch the coming birds who bring up their young and raise their families.

And may be one day, when you get enough experienced and you have observed the needs and habits of your guests, you can try to build a bird house by yourself. There are many plans of bird houses to find in internet so you will be able to customize it. When you find the necessary tools and materials, you could enjoy the building of your own bird house, together with the whole family.

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