White Breasted Nuthatch Cardinal


  • Prdseed has been very supportive of the Mercy Foundation Moose Run and has helped make it a success. Year after year, they have donated bird seed and bird feeders to this annual event that is dedicated to raising money for local charities and non-profits. Prdseeds generously gives back to the community!

  • Byron K Moose Run Organizer Moose Lake, Minnesota

  • I like that PRD sells peanuts in the shell in bulk, because peanuts draw in a lot of critters. You might say the Owner is “outstanding in her field” with quality products and service.

  • Michael J from New York

  • I purchase sunflower hearts and chips in the 50 lb. bag.  Even with shipping cost, it is more reasonable than what I can buy locally.  And Sarah is a gem to deal with.  I am 100% satisfied with the product and the service.

  • Ted from New York

  • I have been ordering PRD No-Mess seed for several years and am convinced there is nothing better! First, as the label indicates, there is truly just less mess and unwanted growth under my birdfeeder! Secondly, the variety and quantity of birds this seed attracts is indisputably better than any other seed I’ve used. In fact, before I started using the No-Mess seed I never saw a blue bird at my feeder–even though they lived along the treeline in my yard. Now, they are perched at my feeder all day long–just beautiful to watch! Lastly, ordering is very easy and convenient and the shipping is lightning fast. I highly  recommend PRD and the No-Mess seed!

  • Judi Sunshine from North Carolina

  • I love the quality of the products and the ease of ordering. I order the shelled peanuts for my resident squirrels and they are the fattest ones around. My orders are always timely and fresh and I will continue to order for years to come.

  • Lynda T from Texas

  • I have been buying shelled peanuts from Sarah at Prdseed for many years.  She is excellent to do business with.  Everything is handled first class, from the on line ordering to the final delivery (she even puts the 50 lb peanut sack inside another sack that is woven plastic and is nearly impossible to rip open) from Fed Ex.  I am a Texas rancher and we have set aside a wildlife sanctuary for all the native and migratory animals that visit.  Since many of them just love Sarah’s peanuts, we couldn’t get along without her.

  • John B Collier from Texas

  • I am a longtime customer of PRD.  I always enjoy placing my order with Sarah by phone.  She is friendly and efficient.  The products are the best quality available to birders. Thanks!

  • Susan from Woodhaven, NY

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