While most Prdseed.com birder’s feed extra bird seed during the cold winter months, it is also important to give the birds that extra fat and nutrition that is found in suet cakes.  Some people feed suet year round, but it is more crucial during the winter.
Suet cakes are typically formed in 4” x 4” blocks that are easily put in a suet cage and hung from a tree or attached to a bird feeder.

There are however, many different shapes or forms of suet including balls, blocks,  bells and now, even Christmas wreaths!    “No-melt” suet is generally used in the summer during hot, humid days because it is resistant to melting; no-melt is not generally used, although it can be, in the winter when cooler temperatures naturally keep the suet from melting. Suet is primarily fat, but also has protein and fiber.  Suet flavors, such as berry, nutty butter, high energy, and woodpecker are the favorites of prdseed.com customers.

You may request any flavor of choice by simply writing in your preference in the customer comments box. The 10-pk. suet is an assortment of flavors. One of the best sellers is the woodpecker suet cake, simply because this suet block is a great distraction for woodpeckers that may otherwise want to destroy your house! We suggest that you stock up on this flavor as the pileated woodpecker seems to gulp this down.

The bird seed lady, Sarah Prdseed.com

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