Now that many of us are spending more time at home, our bird feeders have become even more important for entertainment and our mental health.  You may also have found that you put out more bird seed midday, especially if  you are having and influx of new species.  Just yesterday we were thrilled to see a flock of 20 Evening Grosbeaks swarming the platform feeder and the ground below. The males of this species have a gorgeous, deep yellow belly with the other feathers a mix of black and brown. On its head     . The females are a more subdued shade of gray brown. We were just happy that the feeder had a good supply of black sunflower seeds on it.

As you can imagine on-line sales have soared during this pandemic and deliveries are expected to increase drastically as we approach the holidays. Fed Ex, UPS and the US Postal service are gearing up for the increase in business, but now is the time to get your orders in  – before November 25th if you want to be sure to have enough on supply in December or possibly to give as gifts to friends or family.  Maybe there is someone you know that is housebound but doesn’t have any feeders set up.  By giving them a feeder and supply of seeds you can open the beautiful world of birds for them.  Prdseed uses Fed-Ex for fast shipping.  They go the extra mile to get your purchases to you. The company has put together some entertaining commercials for their ‘Shipathon’.

Because of the pandemic and its impact on products from overseas, some products have been hard to come by.  Nyjer seed, which finches especially prefer has been held up  because of covid restrictions, but happily Prdseed is well stocked.

No mess mix is a good choice if you don’t want lots of shells littering the ground beneath your feeders. This may be especially important if you live in an apartment with  a balcony  where you hang your feeders.  Cardinal crunch is especially appealing to these magnificent red birds that can lift our spirits while they brighten up the winter scenery.