White Breasted Nuthatch Cardinal

We have a winner!

Bird feeder illustration by Lucy Gardens.com

Bird feeder illustration by Lucy Gardens.com

Our appreciation to all who entered the PRD Seed favorite bird story contest for a chance to win a combination thermometer bird feeder. We thank you and truly enjoyed your submissions. Kristin Williamson, from Camilla, Georgia, congratulations on your winning story:

“My mother is the best person I know.  She is full of love for all people and especially animals.  She can’t stand for something to be hungry.  She has a bird feeder right outside her dining room window.  She likes to sit every day and watch the birds.  She loves to watch all the different kinds of birds and wants to make sure they ALL get a chance to eat.  Mom says her favorite bird is a little one (I think a finch) and the bigger birds always run the little bird off while it is trying to eat.  So, she and my dad made a big bird feeder with several levels on it.  The top one has a very small ledge for the little bitty birds, and then there is a middle ledge for a bigger sized bird, and the last ledge is big enough for all birds to come and eat.  It’s funny how people think, and how they want every bird to get a piece of the pie.  Needless to say, my mom gets to watch her favorite little bird eat as much as it wants every day now.  The things people will do for birds can put a smile on your face – it’s priceless.”