At, we like to tell our customers that our high quality bird seed  is top notch grade, but not human grade.  People often comment that if the birds can eat the seed, it should be good enough for humans.  In this blog, we will discuss a few differences between bird seed and seed for human consumption.

There are a few bird seed companies that provide both human and bird seed grade.

The main difference between human grade seed and bird food is the production facility.  The human grade seed facilities have strict sanitation standards and require FDA approval.  Bird food may have by products in the seed, and is usually approved by agriculture agencies.

White proso millet one of the oldest known foods is consumed by humans and birds.  The grain must be hulled for human consumption.  Most millet for birding has the hulls on the seed.  Millet is primarily for small song birds that can not break open larger shells.  It is also used in mixes as a filler, however in the last couple of years millet has doubled in price.

We could go on with the different types of bird seed vs. seed that is human grade, however, we want to make it clear to the public that there is definitely a difference.

The bird seed lady, Sarah

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