White Breasted Nuthatch Cardinal

Finding Nests

Now that the leaves are off almost all the trees (oaks are holdouts), and the bird populations have shrunk, we are afforded an opportunity not easily available during the leafy spring and summer season; finding nests.  Each summer, millions of birds build stick, mud, moss, grassy, leafy cups in trees, shrubs and bushes all around
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Nesting Season

  I checked a couple of our nest boxes this afternoon and discovered that the Eastern bluebirds have five eggs in one and the Tree swallows have five in another.  With the hordes of mosquitoes we have in our yard this year, there should be no shortage of food once the young hatch. If you
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Nesting Neighbors

When you look outside and see how many birds are in your yard or at your feeders, you know there are hundreds of nests hidden just out of sight.  Their success determines in many ways whether we will have just as many birds next year in our yards and at our feeders.  Wind storms, house
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