White Breasted Nuthatch Cardinal

All Because of Feathers

While we may think that the ability to fly makes birds unique among all animals, but there are bats that also fly.  So while flight is remarkable and birds have perfected it, it is really feathers that set birds aside from all other animals.  There are a lot of different anatomical features that aid flight,
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Pishing For Fun

You may never have heard about “pishing’, but it’s a great addition to your bird watching skills.  And it’s a great way to impress people, if not the birds. I can’t say for sure when I first learned how to do it, but I’m glad I did, because it’s fun and almost guaranteed to bring
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Cardinals – Color for the Holidays

Here it is, only the beginning of December, not even officially winter, and already I’m craving color.  While the new snow is beautiful and I relish the opportunities to ski through this picture perfect landscape, there is just too much black and white.  Sunset and sunrise can provide us with some gorgeous shades of pink
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