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Nyjer Seed

Nyjer Bird Seed

Bulk Nyjer – Thistle Bird Seed Often called “thistle seed”, when placed in tube feeders, nyjer seed is valued for its high nutritional value and special appeal to Goldfinches, House Finches, Purple Finches, Redpolls, Siskins, Juncos, and even Mourning Doves. The actual cost of this is less than you think as there are many more
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Millet Bird Seed

Bulk Millet For Birds There are many different types of millet that are widely used in bird mixes, white proso millet however, is the most attractive type to wild birds. This seed is an economical staple for smaller, ground-feeding birds that have difficulty with larger seeds. Starting at $23.75 Attracts Small, ground feeders

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Finch Max™

Finch Max Bird Seed

This premium seed mix packs a high nutrition punch in a small-seed mix that works well in tube-feeders or on the ground. With 14% protein and 17% fat, this bird seed mix gives much-needed energy to the birds. Compare this with typical mixes that provide as little as 9% protein and 4% fat. As with
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