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Whole Sunflower

Whole Sunflower Bird Seeds

Bulk Black Oil Sunflower Seeds for Birds If you could choose only one seed, we would recommend choosing black-oil sunflowers. These seeds are liked by the widest variety of birds, are economical, and have high protein and fat content. Recommended as a prdseed™ “best buy”. Starting at $19.99 Attracts Wide variety of birds

Price: from $22.69$22.69

Whole Peanuts

Whole Peanuts Bird Seed

Bulk Un-Shelled Peanuts for Birds Birds love peanuts. We’ve been told so many interesting “peanut feeding” stories that we couldn’t resist the urge to add peanuts to our product list. While not a traditional bird seed, peanuts are a great alternative for bird enthusiasts and bird feeders. Try peanuts for birds (in the shell) and
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Price: from $33.00

Shelled Sunflower

Shelled Sunflower Bird Seeds

Shelled Sunflower Seed for Birds Many of our customers prefer shelled sunflowers for birds, because they leave less mess and seem to require fewer feeder fillings! Shelled sunflowers offer the highest protein and fat content of all bird seeds, making an excellent source of food year round, but especially in cold winter months when high
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Price: from $37.00$37.00


Safflower Bird Seed

Bulk Safflower Bird Seed Similar to sunflowers, safflower offers high nutritional value. It’s distinguishing feature however, is that it is liked by birds most of us want to see such as cardinals and mourning doves. As squirrels do not like safflower, it makes an excellent choice if you would like more birds than squirrels in
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Price: from $26.00$26.00

No Mess Mix™

No Mess Bird Seed Mix

Bulk No Mess Bird Seed This no mess bird seed mix is a favorite among gardeners. Designed to reduce the amount of waste (e.g. shells) that may fall onto your lawn or patio, No-Mess bird food provides a highly nutritious mix that is a bit more affordable than our shelled sunflowers. Try our No-Mess and
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Price: from $47.55$47.55

Cardinal Crunch™

Cardinal Crunch Bird Seed

Cardinal Crunch Bulk Bird Seed for Cardinals Try our new bird seed mix that our customers have been asking for. This mix has exceptional nutritional value with 50% Black Oil Sunflowers, 40% Striped Sunflowers, and 10% Safflower. Order Cardinal Crunch™ and watch the Cardinals flock to your feeders. Starting at $28.30

Price: from $28.30$28.30

Black Max™

Black Max Bird Seed

This premium mix offers more nutrition than any other mix we’ve found on the market. It has over 16% crude protein compared with 9% found in typical mixes, giving birds almost twice the protein boost. Made up of only the most preferred seeds; whole black oil sunflowers, shelled black oil sunflowers, safflower, and white proso
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Price: from $46.35$46.35