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Bulk Whole Corn for Birds & Wildlife

wholecorn0010 (002).jpgWhole corn is a high energy, nutritional feed that attracts all wildlife to your backyard
Price: from $22.30$22.30
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Bulk Cracked Corn for Birds & Squirrels

Corn Bird SeedBulk Cracked Corn for Birds & Squirrels Corn is well liked by Jays and Squirrels. Some of our customers even feed it to deer! You can't beat the price, so if you haven't tried feeding corn, give it a try. Starting at $22.30
Price: from $23.75$23.75
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Black Max™

Black Max Bird SeedThis premium mix offers more nutrition than any other mix we've found on the market. It has over 16% crude protein compared with 9% found in typical mixes, giving birds almost twice the protein boost. Made up of only the most preferred seeds; whole black oil sunflowers, shelled black oil sunflowers, safflower, and white proso More Info »
Price: from $46.35$46.35
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Arundale Sky Cafe Feeder Can Be Hung Or Pole Mounted

Arundale sky cafePlexiglas Arundale Bird Feeder Innovative squirrel-proof wild bird feeder design with large protective 17-inch diameter domed squirrel guard. Easy flow tray feeds 10 or more birds at once! 1.5 gallon seed capacity. Easy fill design made from 100% recycled plexiglass. Can be hung or pole mounted.
Price: $68.30$68.30

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