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The Yankee Flipper

The Yankee Flipper feeder

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Watch the squirrels try to get the bird seed and fall off the perch ring. If you’re looking for entertainment, this Yankee Flipper will provide years of amusement! 4 Seed Ports Holds 5lbs. Bird Seed 21″ Long tube Weight Calibrated to allow bird to eat while flipping off squirrels Lifetime Warranty
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Price: $144.45

The Seed Saver

The Seed Saver feeder

Adjustable Domed Dish Bird Feeder Multi-purpose covered dome dish feeder is great for large and small birds! 7″ Diameter Holds .75 lbs. Bird Seed 21″ Long tube Adjustable Dome Lifetime Warranty Recommended seed: All types of PRD Birdseed, Mealworms, Fruit or Suet

Price: $40.72

The Peanut Tube Feeder

Stainless Steel Mesh Bird Feeder Gold and stainless steel mesh feeder features perch that won’t hurt the birds feet and cannot be chewed by squirrels. 13″ in length 2.5″ diameter Modern and sturdy styling Lifetime Warranty Recommended seed: Shelled peanuts, peanut mixes for woodpeckers, black oil sunflowers, cardinal crunch or striped sunflowers. Available in green or
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Price: $37.55

The Finch Flocker

The Finch Flocker bird feeder

The Finch Flocker Bird Feeder This feeders yellow color instictively attracts many flocking finches 15″ length Holds 1 lbs. Bird Seed 6 Seed Ports Lifetime Warranty Recommended seed: Nyjer, Finch Max Mix, Shelled Sunflowers, Millet, No Mess Mix

Price: $49.00$49.00

No No Feeder

No No Bird Feeder The Original No/No Feeder with extended roof. Every No-No Feeder has these features: Simple and strong design that comes fully assembled, ready to hang and fill. All-metal wire mesh basket that lasts for years. Provides feeding room for 10 to 15 clinging and perching birds at the same time. Holds over
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Price: $50.00$50.00

Heritage Farms Red Seeds N More Feeder

squirrel proof feeder

Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder Double sided squirrel resistant metal bird feeder. Suet baskets on sides feature a convenient snap on latch to easily replenish suet. Select hardwood perches. This feeder holds 15-pounds of seed (2.5-gallons). Seed level indicator windows allow you to monitor seed levels. Heavy duty hanger included. Durable powder coated steel.

Price: $69.99

Heritage Farms Chalet Bird Feeder

Heritage Farms Chalet Bird Feeder

Chalet Style Bird Feeder Chalet Style Feeder Double-sided Feeder Squirrel resistant feeder features a V bottom for even feed flow. Seed saver baffles discourage spilling of seed. Heavy-duty steel construction is finished in a weather resistant powder coat. Top locks securely to prevent squirrel access. Includes hanger.

Price: $68.00$68.00

Droll Yankee Hummingbird Feeder

Droll Yankee Humming Bird Feeder

Droll Yankees® Little Flyer 4 Hummingbird Feeder 10oz Capacity Leak-proof designs in an eye-catching ruby red color that attracts hummingbirds instantly. A variety of capacities for all your nectar feeding needs. Perfect nectar recipe engraved right on the feeder. Included port brushes make cleaning a breeze. UV-stabilized polycarbonate construction will hold up for many seasons
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Price: $37.00$37.00

Arundale Sky Cafe Feeder Can Be Hung Or Pole Mounted

Plexiglas Arundale Bird Feeder Innovative squirrel-proof wild bird feeder design with large protective 17-inch diameter domed squirrel guard. Easy flow tray feeds 10 or more birds at once! 1.5 gallon seed capacity. Easy fill design made from 100% recycled plexiglass. Can be hung or pole mounted.

Price: $68.30$68.30