White Breasted Nuthatch Cardinal

Selecting the Right Bird Seed

Black Oil Sunflowers-Most economical bird seed on the market as it attracts a variety of large and small birds.

Black Max-General bird seed mix used in both the summer and winter. Attracts variety of large and small birds.   Has 40% black oil sunflowers in the mix along with millet, shelled sunflower and safflower.

Cardinal Crunch- Mix primarily for the cardinals, but other large birds enjoy  the mix. Mix contains black oil sunflower, striped sunflower and safflower.

Finch Max- Mix of preferred bird seeds, white proso millet, shelled sunflowers, safflower and nyjer. Works well  in tube-feeders or on the ground.

No Mess- This mix is has millet, shelled sunflower, safflower, a gardners favorite

Nyjer- Imported sterilized  black bird seed.  Primarily used in feeders that have small port holes for small song birds, such as redpolls, finches, indigo bunting.

Millet- Golden round Seed primarily  for small birds and used as a filler in most bird seed mixes

Peanuts-Raw or in the shell, peanuts attract a variety of birds

Safflower-Discourages squirrels and black birds from bird feeder

Shelled Sunflowers-No mess bird seed has the highest nutritional value and attracts variety of large and small birds. Other names known as sunflower hearts and chips or hulled sunflowers.

Non Sprouting Seeds-Shelled sunflowers, nyjer, or No Mess TM-  We do not recommend the no mess as a patio blend bird seed as it does have millet in it and can be left on the deck or patio.

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