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When will my bird seed order ship?

Your bird seed order will ship within 48 hours of placing order. If your order is placed before 8:00 am central standard time , it will ship out same day. This is an advantage for early birds that order before starting their day or going to work.

How do I track my order?

Prdseed.com  will send you an email when your shipping label is created with your Fed-Ex tracking number. If you do not receive this, make sure your email address is current or check your spam folder.

What happens if the tracking number says my shipment is damaged?

Please contact Prdseed.com at 218-839-0117. Have your tracking number and order number available.  We will ship out a new  product at no charge.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Pending on your location, your order will arrive within 4-10 business days.  In certain circumstances due to weather, please allow additional delay.

Do you store credit card information online?

No, for security reasons,  customers have to put in the credit card information each time.  We are able to store your shipping and billing address with email so repeated information does not have to be inputed each time for returning customers.

What type of bird seed does not sprout?

Prdseed.com recommends the nyjer or shelled sunflowers.  Nyjer is sterilized before arriving to the United States, so the impurities are taken out of the product.  The shelled sunflowers also known as hulled sunflowers or sunflower hearts and chips do not have the shell on the seed, so this provides a less chance of sprouting.

Do you provide automatic  shipping for repeat customers?

Yes, you can set up a time each month that you would like to ship as a repeated customer. We recommend that customers keep track of the amount of bird seed for re-order.  Prdseed.com will autoship automatically.  Please note that Prdseed.com will need prior notification when change of address occurs or cancellation.

Questions? Contact Us Anytime at 218.839.0117