White Breasted Nuthatch Cardinal

Nearly 50 million birds and counting

The National Audubon Society has provided preliminary data for the 114th annual Christmas Bird Count (CBC), which ran Dec. 5, 2013 through Jan. 5, 2014. Some 1,613 bird counts were conducted totaling 48,828,176 birds reported as of 7 a.m. CDT on Feb. 12, 2014. The real-time count continues and in-depth information is provided to Audubon
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Propane shortage hampers chick incubation

Sinclair Lewis once said “winter is not a season, it’s an occupation.” Lately, for most upper Midwest residents, especially those relying on propane heat, no truer words have been said. According to Minnesota Public Radio, January 2014 meant monthly temperatures ranging from 7 to 10 degrees colder than normal, ranking among the top 4 coldest
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2014 brings snowy owl irruption

I looked up and there it was among the green branches of the pitch pines—thick bird, a ruffle of fire trailing over the shoulders and down the back—color of copper, iron, bronze—lighting up the dark branches of the pine.

 What misery to be afraid of death. What wretchedness, to believe only in what can be
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Birds by the number

In its 114th year, the tradition of the Christmas Bird Count brings ornithologists and bird lovers together for a common purpose. The annual event began in 1900 as conservationists became concerned about dwindling bird populations due to hunting. An early officer of the Audubon Society, Frank Chapman, proposed the first annual Christmas Bird Count (CBC)
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Listen for birds in December

Cold, blustery artic chill has now settled into Minnesota. Novice birders might think there are few birds around during the coldest months but the high metabolism of warm-blooded birds help them adapt to cold climates. By fortifying your backyard bird sanctuary, you may actually hear birds “sing in the dark of December.”   Which birds
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Deck the halls and buy the bird seed

Save money, save time, shop online. The National Retail Federation reports that last year 247 million shoppers visited stores and websites on “Black Friday” spending more than $59 billion overall. With gas prices hovering around $3.19 per gallon, you can save gas, avoid long lines and skip the search for a parking spot by shopping
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