White Breasted Nuthatch Cardinal

Hardy Chickadees

Trying to write when your desk is next to a window is both good news and bad.  Good because I get a lot of natural light on my workspace.  Bad because it also means my eyes are easily distracted by movement outside the window and lately there’s been a lot of movement.  Luckily, my typing
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A Little Fat Goes A Long Ways

This winter the jet stream is following the same path that it did last year and sending arctic air shooting straight down through the upper Midwest.  Inevitably the polar air will shift back to the north, but while it puts a strain on our heating resources, we can’t forget the impact it has on wildlife.
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Peace On Earth

T’is the season when we wish one another – “Glad Tidings and Goodwill to All Men (and women)” and we also wish and pray for Peace on Earth.  In the Judeo-Christian tradition the dove has been chosen to be the physical representation of peace.  It is in the story of Noah and the flood that
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Progress and the need for change

Last month marked the 100th anniversary of the extinction of the passenger pigeon. Not to be confused with the carrier or homing pigeon, it is documented that passenger pigeons were once the most numerous bird species in North America. Eyewitness accounts around 1860 report that billion-bird flocks darkened the sky in formations reaching hundreds of miles
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We have a winner!

Our appreciation to all who entered the PRD Seed favorite bird story contest for a chance to win a combination thermometer bird feeder. We thank you and truly enjoyed your submissions. Kristin Williamson, from Camilla, Georgia, congratulations on your winning story: “My mother is the best person I know.  She is full of love for all
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A round up of bird bits

New Vikings stadium ruffles feathers Construction of the new Vikings football stadium has raised concerns about bird safety. The site is a few blocks from the Mississippi River and could potentially put some of Minnesota’s 250 different bird species at risk. Bird advocates say that current construction plans for the high-tech facility are a certain
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Win A Bird Feeder

As the temps heat up, submit your favorite bird story to prd@prdseed.com to win a $67.00 thermometer #birdfeeder with free shipping. Put bird story in headline, deadline is Aug. 20th. Winner will be posted on our #prdseed blog.